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New Here?


What can I expect when I visit?
You can expect to find a varied, welcoming, and inclusive group of people who are glad that you have come to worship with them.  We launch our morning programming with free hot beverages at 9:45 am, followed by interactive group Bible classes for all ages at 10:00. Our programming is topped off with an engaging worship service at 11:00, including a relevant message from the Bible.

Will I be welcomed at your church?
Yes you would ALL be welcome.  All persons are welcome at Vivid Adventist Church. We have people of different races, languages, educational levels and backgrounds as part of our church family.  We have people who are in school, employed, stay at home moms and dads, looking for work and retired.  We are a family of imperfect and relatable men, women, teens and children seeking to grow spiritually together and experience God’s love.

Are youth and children welcome?
Yes, youth and children are an integral part of our Vivid family.  We have a weekly youth class focused on presenting the gospel in a relevant manner.  Children are also blessed by weekly crafts, songs, projects, and lessons that will help them grow and mature into God’s ideal for their lives.  Youth and children are also an innate part of our worship service, as we believe we have been called by God to mentor future generations, in leaving a lasting legacy through our children.

Do I have to have it all together and know what I believe before I attend?
No, we have people in our Vivid family who know what they believe as well as those who are still trying to figure out this God and Jesus thing. We understand that we are on a lifelong spiritual journey of continual discovery.  We are imperfect people, serving a perfect God. We are an inclusive community on a journey to figure out what it is that God desires of us.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome.

What kind of worship services do you have?
We have a contemporary worship service seeking to provide a relevant message that can be understood and put into practice in today’s culture.  Although our main target are young adults, we have found that our modern approach to the gospel is a refreshing perspective that many age groups can relate to. All are welcome!

How should I dress for Saturday service?
While many of our people attend church dressed in traditional attire (coat, tie, etc.), many of our members and visitors dress much more casually (sport shirts, jeans, etc.).  We believe that God accepts all of humanity, just as we are, and so do we!  Come as you are.