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What is tithe?
Tithe is one tenth of your income from either money or product that is returned to God. It is holy and belongs to Him, the Owner of all of our material possessions and lives. (Leviticus 27:30). The returning of tithes is an expression of our faithfulness to God.

Why should I tithe?
By returning one tenth of our income to Him, we remember God is the owner of everything He has entrusted into our hands. That makes me a steward, not the owner. Tithing combines trust with worship, expresses my partnership with God, and supports His mission, ministry, and church. Tithing is also an expression of loyalty that connects us with God’s promises and blessings, giving us a sense of peace and purpose.

Is there a difference between tithes and offerings?
Yes. Tithes are returned while offerings are given. Offerings are our response of love and gratitude to God’s blessings and goodness. In giving tithes and offerings we worship God and advance His mission to make disciples in the world.

How is tithe distributed?
Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, tithe is received by the local congregation and sent on to the local conference or mission office. This is the “storehouse” intended for distribution consistent with Malachi 3:10.

How is tithe used?
While the distribution percentages vary in different conferences, the largest portion of tithe is used to support the ministry of local churches through pastoral salaries, as well as evangelism and additional services.

Why not give my tithe to specific Vivid ministries that I value?
That would be an appropriate designation for my offerings. By tithing, I surrender the element of control, trust God completely, and support the world-wide evangelistic work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Where do I get more info on tithing?


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What are offerings?
Offerings are our response of love responding to God’s blessings and goodness. They serve as a means of helping to further integrate God into the financial side of our lives. Recognizing God as Owner, we follow the convicting of the Holy Spirit–managing what He has placed in our hands and worshiping God by returning some of what He has placed in our hands. We give where and how the Holy Spirit convicts and empowers us to do so. We give to worship God–and we do so by supporting His Church, by advancing His mission, by helping others-but most of all by listening to Him and following where leads and doing what He convicts.

Where do offerings go?
The offerings of the local church are retained and managed by the local church board and the appointed Treasurer.  They provide the cost of maintaining the local church programs, building, facilities, utilities, evangelism, children’s ministry, etc.  Offerings are what keep our local programs and ministries running from week to week.  Without the offering of our members and guests, Vivid Adventist Church could not exist.

Can I specify where my offerings go?
Yes.  Whether you give Online, through our app, or in person, you can specify where exactly your offerings go.  Want to contribute to our weekly morning hospitality, worship team, youth ministry, children’s ministry, etc.  Just specify on the envelope or on the app when you give.  If you simply want our church board to decide be sure to just give it under church budget.

How should I give offerings?
Two principles should guide our offerings-as God blesses and as He guides us through His Spirit–“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7, NIV).







You can always give in person at Vivid Adventist Church during our weekly Saturday services.  We meet weekly starting at 10:00 am with Bible classes and our worship service starts at 11:00 am. Feel free to drop off your donation or tithes at our conveniently placed giving box, located at the back of our seating area.


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